January 31, 2012



What should I have for dinner tonight?
What kind of cheese is the best cheese?


dear sarah,

you shud defintly hav cookys and milk for dinner. but usully moms and dads wont let you eat jus cookys. so if you cant hav cookys i wud recomend pasketti with extra noodles. the noodles are fun to slurp and you can prtend you are eating WORMS! then wen you aer done wifth the pasketti, you get COOKYS!

the best kind of cheez is cheez curds. they are even bedder if they are fryed cheez curds. they are sooper tasty but be carefull not to get melty cheez all over your fur. it gets stinky. then your mom gets mad. then you hafta take a bafth. gross.

green bear


how did you get so cute?


dear m [thank you for havin a short name!],

i think i hav alwys ben cute. som peeple are jus born that way. i also work on gettin cutr by lookin at babys and seein what they do. kittns and pupys are also gud to look at. anothr tip is to make your eys as big as posibl. say cute stuf and gigle a lot. also keep tooting and boogrs to a minamum. people dont like that stuf.

green bear

video games

Dear Green Bear,

I like to play video games with my friends after school.  What is your favorite thing to do?


          Johnathan Applebottom

dear john apple-b [your name is to long for me to tipe],

my favrite thing to do is to eat cookys. serisly. they are realy gud. you shud try som if you have nevr had any. othr than that, i lik to coler with crans, play pretnd, and play in the snow! video gams are cool, but my arms are to liddle to reech both knobs on the xbox :( i alwys loos.

green bear


this is my new blog wear i will anser your questins! i'm predy smart so you kno that you will get gud advise. i hope you will click my 'ask me' buddon so i can get to work!