January 31, 2012



What should I have for dinner tonight?
What kind of cheese is the best cheese?


dear sarah,

you shud defintly hav cookys and milk for dinner. but usully moms and dads wont let you eat jus cookys. so if you cant hav cookys i wud recomend pasketti with extra noodles. the noodles are fun to slurp and you can prtend you are eating WORMS! then wen you aer done wifth the pasketti, you get COOKYS!

the best kind of cheez is cheez curds. they are even bedder if they are fryed cheez curds. they are sooper tasty but be carefull not to get melty cheez all over your fur. it gets stinky. then your mom gets mad. then you hafta take a bafth. gross.

green bear

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