February 15, 2012


Do you like drawing? I think drawing pictures is rad. 

dear anomnus,

i LOOOOOVE drwing! my favrite is colering! i am reely gud with the crans. if you want i kin trade a pictur with you. just email me your adress.

my drwings bring all the boys to the yard. and i know thay ar bedder than yours. i kin teech you, but i hafta charge! becuz i need moar money for crans!

"spring green" bear


Dear Green Bear:
I feel tired all the time and I don’t know why.  Do you ever feel this way?


dear zzzzzzzz,

i git supr sleepy somtimes too. i think its becuz of the wintr time. it is cold, an dark, and too cozy in the bed with the warm covrs. i think naturr is telling you to hibernat. lots of anamals hibernat. it wood be a gud way to spend wintr. snuggly and comfy!

green bear 

February 13, 2012



i noticed that you were green. i know of another green bear except that he calls himself gummibar? are you two related at all? if so what is your relation?

you're so tiny desuYO

deEr desooyO,

I also kno this gumibar, he is delishis. He is the best flaver of all. We r not reelated but mie mom sys yoo arr wat you eat so that is why i eat allot of green gumibars.

i m normal you arr big!


green beAr

February 7, 2012


Green bear do you have any nicknames?

dear anonmus,

somtimes peple call me "tha big G," its becus i'm green and becus im tuff! its also becus somday i will be big. its like shoos, its a name you git wen you are liddle an then you kin grow into it.

tha big G


Dear green bear:
I want to watch a movie tonight but I don't know what to pick? What is your favorite movie?

Thank you,


dear mory,

my favrite movie is probly totoro. i lik it becus there are cute guys lik me! i pertend im big lik totoro wen i watch it. ROOOOOOOORRRR! i also lik to watch movies so i kin eat pop corns. they ar the tastyest vegtable!

green bear

February 4, 2012


Is that a tat on your bum? Tryin to get street cred?

dear anonmus,

whaT?! ther is somthin on my bum?!?1 i hope it isnt a dinglberry! oh, wait. my mom says that it is a bithmark. i mean, no, i got a tatoo, becuz i am tuff like that! i'm a cool bear! an i got a cool bum tat!

green bear

February 3, 2012


I like your snowsuit. Can you tell me where snowmen go when they melt?

dear anonymus persin,

thank you, my snosuit is relly cute. but i am cutr! snomen are very triksy. wat they do is they can go thru the grownd into a secrit dimenshun were all you get to eat is snoflaks. they ar not relly melting, they are skweezing ther body inbatween the dirt pardicles. they do this very slow. so wen a snoman is haf gon he is relly haf in the secrit dimenshun. you hafta be carful to so that you don melt thru the grownd eether. that is why you gotta hav big boots in the wintr to kep you from sliping thru! so awlys wear boots wen you are wifth snomens!

green bear

February 2, 2012


Dear green bear

Are you afraid of the dark? I don't like it, what if there is something I can't see hanging around when I close my eyes?


dear mee,

the dark is preddy scary, evn for a brav bear like me. som times wen im scard i crawl undr the covrs to hide. bad guys cant see me becus im too smal. also, my mom seys i kin slep wifth the lite on, but then bad guys kin see in my room throo the windo! so i keep a flashlite so i kin see them but they cant see me! also, you can work on geddin strowng and do karaty, then you kin beet up the bad guys to!

green-belt bear


Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?  

-Iroquois Plisken

dear irqoi pliskn,

waht? i don get your questin. so, im gunna make a toot noiz wifth my mouf. PPPPBBBTHHHBBBBTTT!!!

green bear <toot!>


Dear Green Bear, 

I have been looking at seed catalogs lately and am getting impatient to get into my garden this spring. Since you seem like a guy who is good with weather, I was wondering if you could tell me when will I be able to start planting? 

-Cabin Fever 

dear cabin fever,

i think that plants com out wen the buggis com out. so wen you start gettin maskito bites, then you can plant flowrs. also, if the sno is gon, that is probly gud too.

green-thum bear

February 1, 2012


Dear Green Bear,

Do you like music? What is your favorite band? How do you feel about Green Day or Barenaked Ladies?


dear alex,

i todaly like music! it is the best to danse to! i kin relly shak my boody! my favrite band is probly LMFAO becuz i like to party rok and becuz i kin danse relly gud to it! my mom dosnt let me lissen to all ther music tho. she says i am to liddle.besies them i'm proly the best at makin music. i'm a awsom singeer!

green day is ok i gess. thay wud be bedder if they wer green BEAR day. then thay wud be the best band evr probly! heehee! EW!! nakid ladies is grrroooooossss! oh, wait....my mom seys thay are a band and not jus nakid girls. then thay are probly gud. as long as thay arnt nakers! yUCK!

green bear