February 3, 2012


I like your snowsuit. Can you tell me where snowmen go when they melt?

dear anonymus persin,

thank you, my snosuit is relly cute. but i am cutr! snomen are very triksy. wat they do is they can go thru the grownd into a secrit dimenshun were all you get to eat is snoflaks. they ar not relly melting, they are skweezing ther body inbatween the dirt pardicles. they do this very slow. so wen a snoman is haf gon he is relly haf in the secrit dimenshun. you hafta be carful to so that you don melt thru the grownd eether. that is why you gotta hav big boots in the wintr to kep you from sliping thru! so awlys wear boots wen you are wifth snomens!

green bear

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