February 1, 2012


Dear Green Bear,

Do you like music? What is your favorite band? How do you feel about Green Day or Barenaked Ladies?


dear alex,

i todaly like music! it is the best to danse to! i kin relly shak my boody! my favrite band is probly LMFAO becuz i like to party rok and becuz i kin danse relly gud to it! my mom dosnt let me lissen to all ther music tho. she says i am to liddle.besies them i'm proly the best at makin music. i'm a awsom singeer!

green day is ok i gess. thay wud be bedder if they wer green BEAR day. then thay wud be the best band evr probly! heehee! EW!! nakid ladies is grrroooooossss! oh, wait....my mom seys thay are a band and not jus nakid girls. then thay are probly gud. as long as thay arnt nakers! yUCK!

green bear

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