August 29, 2012


Hey Green Bear,  Have you ever been to the south of France?


deer joe,

i hav nevr been to the south of franss. i think it wud be cool to go somday. i wud wear a bearet and i cud eat some freanch macarroons, madalens, an maybe som saybls. i dont kno much about franss, but i do kno about freanch cookys!


l'ours vert

August 24, 2012

blue bear

I just found out you have a blog.  I want to start a blog too.  Do you have any tips?

Your bro,

Blue Bear

hye everywun,

this is my brother blu baer. he is mi big brother. he Is kool but he livs out in california. growing up we didn' get along butt now we r frends. blue bear you shood do a blog on food. that wood be sweet.

green bear

Letters From Blue Bear

August 21, 2012


Did you watch the summer Olympics? What is your favorite event?


Bobby Ramsey

deer bobby,

i coodn't watch the olimpicks cause i wus IN THeM! i compeeted on the rings and wun GOLD. Even tho i was on team usa, i waz rooten for team GB, G fer green an B fer bear!

green bear